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Sicily & Traditions

Sicily, officially known as Sicilian Region, is a self-governed Italian Region regulated by  a special Charter. Its population amounts to 5.092.732 inhabitants, the country seat is Palermo.
Sicily is the biggest island of Italy and the Mediterranean Sea; off the mainland lie the archipelagos of the Aeolian Islands, the Egadi, the Pelagie and the islands of Ustica and Pantelleria.
Sicily is the expression of culinary art. Its history is strictly linked to  historical, cultural and religious events. A well defined style of culinary habits, whichhad been developing in Sicily since the times of Ancient Greece, has been enriched with the passing of centuries  with new flavours and new dishes, following the historical vicissitudes of the Mediterranean island.

This truly culinary regional culture shows traces and contributions from all the cultures that have set in Sicily for the last two millenniums. Transmitted from generation to generation and presented in literature, some very ancient recipes are still prepared today and frequently served at tables.
It can be affirmed that the Sicilian cooking is a common mark of recognition and identity for all Sicilians, and in the modern times it is also a reason for tourist attraction. Following emigration to foreign countries, Sicilian cookery has been exported to many countries, far from its origin.

Sicilian cooking is considered the richest in  specialties  and the most scenographic in Italy. Some of the best known foods, not only at regional but also at world level, are cassata siciliana, cannolo, granita and arancini.
 Thanks to its mild climate, the island is rich in spices and seasoning plants; horigan, mint, rosemary, are used daily as dressings. The fertile land produces an abundance of delicious citrus fruit such as oranges and lemons and Sicily has often been nicknamed the land of  lemons or the land of oranges.
Almonds, prickly pears, pistachios and olives  are more cookery symbols in which Sicily stands out.
Although, generally speaking, the food characteristics of Sicilian cooking are homogeneous throughout the Island, each area, even if of limited perimeter or quite close to another area,  presents some dishes which are strictly peculiar and the same recipe is pretty rare in another part of the island. In most cases, there will be variations within the same regional recipe, but occasionally, such as in the case of panelle palermitane or muccunetti of Mazara del Vallo, the dishes are made and sold exclusively in the area of origin. These features have often led to a culinary division among “Western Sicily”, “Central Sicily” and  “Eastern Sicily”.

The Sicilian tradition in the kitchen

Sicily is rich in culinary traditions, on the table, a true poetry of aromas, smells and colours of flavours represents the fruits of the land which, skilfully cooked, with simplicity and passion, become culinary treats appreciated all over the world. LaDispensaDeiGolosi aims at spreading the culinary products of Sicilian tradition all over the world.

Sicilia...Terra di Suli, di Mari, di Vendu e d'Amuri

La Sicilia. stupenda isola, nel cuore del mediterraneo, impreziosita da innumerevoli opere d'arte architettoniche ereditate dalle varie dominazioni susseguitesi, rappresenta un concentrato di di culture succedutesi nei secoli. Ancora oggi, a dispetto di quanto accade in altre località, in Sicilia la convivenza tra culture diverse è al centro del buon vivere, nella pace e nel rispetto delle diverse culture, usanze e tradizioni. A far da cornice a tutto questo le incredibili meraviglie naturali che madre natura a ragalato ai siciliani.

Il Folclore in Sicilia

Le tradizioni si tramandano di generazione in generazione. Il folclore appartiene al popoli alle usanze ad alle tradizioni. La sicilia è terra ricca di cultur, di arte, a di usanze e tradizioni e LaDispensaDeiGolosi si impegna a divulgarne la conoscenza.

Articles about Sicily

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